MedBillCollections takes pride in our outstanding team of collectors and hearing representatives. We provide systematic training in collection techniques, ensuring our staff is well-equipped to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the workers’ compensation industry, including SB 863, AB 1160, and the California Labor Code. Through our continuous improvement process, our collectors are empowered to advocate assertively and achieve successful case resolutions.

With extensive industry experience, we have established strong relationships with payers, employers, and attorneys over the years.

Our dedicated collections team diligently works on all aged accounts receivable to maximize payments on your claims.

We promptly respond to claim denials and objections, demanding full payment in a timely manner.

Our team of collectors possesses knowledge in various medical specialties.

How We Do It?

Workers’ Compensation:

  • We specialize in workers’ compensation medical billing and collections.
  • We promptly respond to claim denials and objections, demanding full payment.
  • We utilize our proprietary relationship with CompData and other sources to file case watches and stay updated on new events.
  • For late payment of workers’ compensation claims, we apply penalties and interest.
  • Our collection services extend to Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board hearings, with experienced representatives attending on your behalf.

Occupational Medicine:

  • We recognize the significance of strong relationships with employers for collecting clinic services.
  • Our experienced account representatives prioritize these relationships while maintaining a solid track record of full and timely collections.

Personal Injury:

  • Our personal injury collection specialists work within your settlement parameters, respecting your existing relationships.
  • We ensure you receive your fair share of any settlement while effectively collecting the owed amounts

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